"River House is a lifesaver. The hours that it gives me are allowing me to keep going. I know my dad is being well taken care of and I have the free time to relax and enjoy myself.”

Daughter of a Client

“It is extremely reassuring to know Mom is at River House where she is safe, her mind is being challenged and she is being well cared for.”

Son of a Client

“I am one of eleven children; so I thrive on companionship and activities. The center provides me with something to do all day long. Just being with people of common interests is extremely important.”


“River House offers a welcoming, stress-free, well-controlled environment where my mother can be herself, not be judged, and be an integral part of a very special community. I know she is truly happy.”

Daughter of a Client

“River House provides a very important service in the continuum of care for our community’s aging population. The program is exceptional in its quality of care. And the benefits to the patients and their families…from a physical, psychological and emotional standpoint…are tremendous.”

Stephen G. Jones, M.D.

Center for Healthy Aging, Greenwich Hospital

“I love EVERYTHING about River House. The staff is energetic, kind and supportive. I love the companionship.”


"My husband has been going to River House for the past two years and I can honestly say that every facility of this nature should model themselves after River House. The care given to my husband by the entire staff is extraordinary! They have improved the quality of my husband’s life as well as my own!"

Wife of a Client

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