Events Gallery

Garden Party 2017

Ann Marie Himes, Muffin Zoubek, Anne Niemeth, Alice Melly

Garden Party 2016


Garden Party 2015


Garden Party 2014


Garden Party 2013

Co-Chairs Leah Marmon, Jane Owen Brash and Joy Lautenbach

35th Anniversary Gala

Doug and Caralyn Stevens and Sandy and Randy Motland with Suzanne Geiss-Robbins.1798

Garden Party 2012


Garden Party 2011

Sandra Culbert, Sabrina Forsythe

Rollin’ on the River 2011

Rollin’ on the River CoChairs:  Claudia Morgan and Jane Granruth



Garden Party 2010

Greg Islan, Patty Meyering, Marsha Scott, and Jackie Keeshan