MasterMind at River House

Train your brain! While regular physical exercise is essential in maintaining health and well-being throughout the course of life, so too is strengthening mental abilities. In fact, engaging in enjoyable activities on a regular basis that challenge and stimulate the mind can actually increase the efficiency and power of mental abilities.

MasterMind is a mind enhancement course taught by a professionally trained instructor.   Participants in this weekly group will engage in challenging and fun activities to enhance memory, verbal fluency, flexible thinking, attention and communication.  Not only does mind fitness improve brain function, but participating in a small group setting increases socialization which in turn elevates mood.

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The Brain Training class is held every Thursday at 10:30am at River House, 125 River Road Ext., Cos Cob, CT.  Interested participants must schedule a consultation before enrolling.  Register on a class by class basis for $10/class with a check made payable to River House. To find out more information, contact Tom at 203-622-0079.

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Praise for MasterMind at River House


Caregiver of Participant:

“I have seen a difference in her (my mother’s) handling of matters such as trying to become better organized and continually trying to ‘exercise’ her brain with the games she has learned. I have seen my mother become less stressed and less fearful of ‘forgetting’, and she reminds herself to concentrate more on what she can do and what she can remember. My sisters and I are thankful for MasterMind for getting through to my Mom, and for helping to build her confidence.”

MasterMind Participant:

“The MasterMind techniques I learned really helped me recall and remember names.  I would like to continue to learn and practice new strategies.”