Are there any support services for the primary caregiver or family of the member?

Absolutely!  River House is dedicated to not only increase the lives of our members that come to us each day, but also for their caregivers and care partners. You are very much a part of our family as well.

•Individual and family counseling, care planning, and referrals are provided by a licensed clinical social worker.
•Assistance with obtaining financial aid and entitlements.
•Care Plan for Caregivers closely evaluates an individual’s situation and seeks out ways to best manage the challenges of caregiving, and searches for ways to get the caregivers life back under control.
•Caregivers’ Support Group is open to the community and provides assistance and peer support to professional and family caregivers.
•Early Stage Memory Loss Support Group is open to the community and is for couples facing the challenges of early stage Alzheimer’s.

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